Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Don't Expect Much

I'm really not very consistent with things like blogs.  That is, I don't consistently write in them.  I do, however, read them consistently.  I have a morning routine.... And an evening routine, both of which involve reading of some sort.
Since I do love to read so much, I began work on a novel last fall.  It's now almost fall again and I have a total of 25 pages on this computer.  Mostly I've spent a year throwing ideas around and I'll undoubtedly re-do everything I've got before eventually giving up, but competition was always a good motivator for me and I'm determined to finish before my little sister finishes hers.  So, I've written a little each day for two days now.  Yay!
Knitting update: still working on my best friend's birthday present.  Her birthday is in November, but I like to get these things done early... And I found a pattern that I simply HAD to do ASAP.  You know how that obsession goes.  Here it is:  Ruffle Scarf
The colors I chose look like clown barf, but they work well together and are the kind of colors that look great on my friend's darker features.  I'll post a picture soon.
Reading: Star Wars: Legacy of the Force: Sacrifice.  This latest Star Wars series is boring.  The wars going on in the galaxy far, far away are way too complicated to provide much in the way of action.  There's a lot of politics and some turns that I don't like much.  Luke Skywalker is a pacifist, Mara Jade is a fussy mother, Ben Skywalker is a tormented soul, Jacen Solo a calculating emo, Han and Leia are MIA.  And there's a whole string with Boba Fett and his homeworld that seems to have come out of nowhere.  Basically, these books are meant to be light and full of battle and spur-of-the-moment romance and rescues.  Now they're more about what the leaders of such-and-so planet are doing to cause planet B to arm for battle while Planet C recovers from devestation and Person A changes laws to become ruler of the galaxy and Person D tries to solve everything without bloodshed.  Not exactly what I expected from my old favorites, you know?  But there's always another book... namely...
Please read the Twilight series.  There are three books and all of them are completely addicting - for girls, at least.  I've been reflecting on the draw of these novels and have concluded:
1. girls love them because they identify with Bella.  Bella (main character) is an ordinary girl, blind to her own attractiveness to the male sex, clumsy, and does ordinary things like homework and laundry.
2. Edward (main boy) has ethics.  Despite Bella's attempts to make him have sex with her before they get married, his gentlemanly insistance on doing things the old-fashioned way is extremely attractive to girls.  There's something about those old rules that make us feel safe.  If Edward and Bella HAD done the sex thing early in their relationship, the books would not have the same draw.  As it is, in literature and in real life, saving sex adds intensity to the relationship.
3. It's forbidden love (Romeo and Juliet) and the Peter Pan choice (family vs. love/eternity).  Both very drawing themes because of danger and pain.  Danger in that Bella's life is threatened by Edward's very presence.  Pain for every normal human she's ever known, all of whom she must forsake when she marries Edward.
4. It's King Arthur all over again.  These triangles happen all the time in real life and have been a staple in literature for generations.  Bella (Guenevere) is in love with two men, Edward (Lancelot) and Jacob (Arthur).  Though the fourth book won't come out til August 2nd *fan-girl scream*, I believe she will choose Lancelot.  You simply cannot force that kind of attraction.

Anywho, I cannot breath for excitement about this book.  I'm not as obsessed as my little sis, but I do enjoy a good resolution, don't you?
Now I'm gonna go work on that birthday gift.  I MUST FINISH!  haha