Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday, Monday

After the last post, I think it is time for something light.

I present you with recipes for Cast Iron Skillets! They may not be as simple as Food Network's 5-Ingredient Fixes, but anything by Williams Sonoma is going to be delicious. Click the link to see.

I am greatly looking forward to going to the beach next week. In fact, this time next Monday, I will be halfway there! Perhaps I'll meet a man or two? (unlikely...)

In other news, I finished the gloves I was knitting. They are green with a thread of gold glitter throughout. I'll post info/pics soon.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Operation Breakup Recovery

Going from being in a loving, wonderful relationship, through its decline, and then back to being single again is rough. I find that my self esteem has taken a blow. Perhaps this happens to all girls when they break up with someone they loved. You find yourself wondering if you'll ever be loved again, if calling it off was the wrong choice and he was The One, if perhaps you are simply being imature and need to change a little more to accommodate him - maybe if you changed, it'd be for the better... In the end, the best thing is to be yourself, remain true to who you are and leave it at that. If a man requires you to change who you are - even in ways that are not ethically threatening (i.e., quit listening to country music because he hates it) - then you must weigh those changes and consider the fact that there may be another who doesn't mind your musical tastes. I'm not saying that we broke up over an arguement about rock and roll. It was much more complicated and serious than that. I am saying...

No relationship is better than a bad relationship.

End of story.

Now, on to Operation Breakup Recovery, which is as follows:

1. Go to the beach with my best friend for a week.
2. Retail therapy. Shopping list includes kitchen stuff, gifts for the fall, and clothes that make me feel sexy/attractive.
3. Watch the following movies - The Ugly Truth, Pride and Prejudice, a Pixar film, My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
4. Talk to Mom, Dad, sister, brother, best friends, etc. Get feedback.
5. Bake brownies, cookies, dinners, carbohydrates.
6. Get pedicure, manicure, haircut.
7. Make playlist of breakup songs and happy songs. Listen often.

I feel better already! Boys, here I come!