Friday, November 28, 2008

I saw Twilight again today.  It was better the second time.
I went with my mother, who has not read the books but LOVED the movie. Yay, Mom!!!  She couldn't get over how beautiful the stars were.  It sort of blew her away.
On a less-happy note, we went to a yarn store here in Cumming, GA, only to discover that said store has closed down.  It was a sad moment in the knitting world...
My cousin Blair brought his girlfriend to our thanksgiving festivities.  She knits!  In fact, Blair gave her a skein of blue/purple Merino and she decided to knit a beanie with it.  She is using my needles and a pattern from one of my books. :)  I taught her long-tail cast-on and I'm so proud of her!
The reflection for the day:
Why are some boys so confusing?  Most guys are transparent.  They cannot really hide what they want.  But I do not believe that guys and girls can easily be friends.  The relationship usually moves into something more or back into something less.  I am currently in-limbo with a guy friend.  I want more, but I don't know what he wants.  It is unhelpful that we have friends very closely involved in everything.  Sometimes I wonder if there's any friendship at all, or if it's just the two of them pushing the two of us.  Regardless, I wish we could DTR, but I need to take things slow...  "Patience, young padawan," I say to myself as people in the grocery line stare at the strange star-wars-quoting-girl, "It will all be revealed in time."

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Currently in Nashville: Chilly, sunny, beautiful.
In Atlanta: I wouldn't know, because I'm not there yet because SOMEBODY is LATE!
That's all the ranting I will be doing on my family's lateness... They're coming to pick me up sometime in the next hour... I hope...

I went yarn shopping yesterday, but when you have only $15 to spend, it's hard to buy real yarn.  I picked up a merino blend that is a combination of coffee/toffee/chocolate colors.  It's truly GORGEOUS!  I knit all during the Predator's game, got half a mitten done, and then tore it all out because it was too big.
Why, do you ask, was I at the Predators game?
Because my friend bought season tickets with her now-ex-boyfriend and she found out yesterday that he was bringing his weird friends and she didn't want to be by herself.  So her new boyfriend bought a ticket to the game.  Turns out Preds tickets only come in twos, so I got to go!  Preds lost.  But it was fun nonetheless.  The older guy next to me was hitting on me and teasing me about my knitting the WHOLE time.  Actually, now that I think about it, I got hit on in the concessions line and in the line coming in.  Guess I was looking good last night! hahaha
So, I've re-started the mitten.  I just finished casting on an eyelet lace edging in pink and will switch to the chocolate later.  I'm hoping this will be Kate's christmas present.

VICTORY is MINE!  My Mother has asked me to teach her to knit over Thanksgiving!!!  Her first lesson will be today.  I'm trying to remember an easy cast-on method, cause all I seem to use these days is cable and long-tail, both of which would overwhelm her.  Regardless, by the end of the weekend, she will hopefully be armed with a washcloth or potholder!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

That is what insued when I looked in my knitting box and didn't find my little Kit. My Kit is the small, plastic bag with tapestry needles, blocking pins, scissors, etc.
So, I told myself to remain calm and checked my backpack. No luck. The Bond Bag (an llbean tote I got for Christmas with the name "bond" printed on it). The Phi Mu tote. The purses. Drawers. Refridgerator.
Then I called my sister and made the poor woman search my room at home while on the phone with me. I sounded something like this,
"Look in my khaki messenger bag. Check every pocket."
"It's not here."
"Did you check all the pockets?"
"Well, I'm trying but there are a lot of them!"
"CHECK EVERY ONE! Then look under the bed! And on my dresser!"
Poor Melanie.... She never found it.
So, at 8:30 Thursday night, I made an emergency run to Michaels. I bought scissors and tapestry needles. No need to replace blocking pins or stitch markers, yet. I still haven't cracked open the printer and checked inside the air conditioning unit. That will likely happen tomorrow.

Did I mention that I'm sitting in a huge suite in the Opry Land Hotel? I've decided to hang out with rich friends this semester.
In school, you have a "family" at school as well as at home. My family this year consists of my girlfriend Kate - a tall blonde with an addicting laugh and the ability to charm anyone. Her boyfriend Chris - who thinks he's the center of the universe, but it's funny so it's okay. His roommate, Jeff - who wants to be a country music star and shows cattle at fancy rodeos for fun. Both of these boys come from money and very regularly buy food and drive us places (did I mention Jeff drives a very nice BMW?). We spend a lot of time together and I'm truly growing to love these people. I hope that we stay friends for a long time, but you know college... It's always shuffling things around!
Anyway, back to the Opry Land thing. Jeff's parents came into Nashville to join him for a cow show in Louisville on Thursday (they drove from Nashville then back). They decided, Friday night, to rent a suite in the Opry Land Hotel and stay the weekend. This suite is bigger than the boys' apartment. Kate, Chris and I joined them for dinner and to see the Rockettes Saturday night, then the four of us sat in the hotel and chatted until late, then fell asleep on Jeff's couch. Now it's Sunday morning and I'm thoroughly embarrassed to have spent the night in my jeans and pretty t-shirt but I'm doing my best to go with the flow these days. I mean, it's not a bad thing to be in a huge room with a flat-screen tv and my closest friends, is it?
I'm starving, though.
Everyone else is still asleep.
Perhaps I'll go in search of food or room service....

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I finished Robert's scarf!  I need to sew in ends and wash it, but then it will be gift-worthy.  I got the guys to give me their opinions.  They consider it very cool.  I am satisfied.

A friend picked up Vogue Knitting for me last night!  I LOVE it!!!  I think I'm going to order stainless steel yarn just to try it thanks to an article about a shop in New York that sells yarn of unique and weird materials.

I also bought Knitting Little Luxuries.  It's a beautiful book with very feminine knits that feature unique additions, such as using buttons as accents and adding flowers and ribbons.  This is the kind of knitting that truly appeals to me.  Girly, lacy, embroidery.

Now that I've cast off Rob's scarf, I'm going to try and finish up a few projects that have been OTN for a long while... such as the wrap made with the handspun I bought this summer.  And the cabled fingerless mittens I cast on two months ago.  And that blanket made of my scrap yarn.
All of these things and more must be conquered over Thanksgiving Break, which is, THANK GOD, one week from today!

On the other hand, Twilight comes out tomorrow night.
I. Am. So. Excited.  (that's me trying to be contained)
What cracks me up is that two guys I know are reading through the series and loving it!  They're both coming with me to the theater tomorrow night.  I honestly believe this movie will do the book justice.  Their relationship is so intense, it's the only thing I'm not sure you can communicate.  However, I remember reading Stephenie's website when she first visited the set and she said a girl was so wrapped up in the acting in front of her, she slid out of her chair.  I can't wait to see Bella acted out on-screen.  She's such a plain-jane character.  She loves fiercely and she lives her life, making decisions and following through.  She's easy-going, not picky or extravagant.  I don't understand her, because I don't think that way, but I feel like there's so much of her that every girl identifies with.  What I'd like to hear is what guys like about the books.

And look at that, I went and wasted a couple paragraphs talking about Twilight again!  I'm going to grow out of this, I swear.

36 days until Christmas!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weather today: 54 and cloudy/rainy.

Our room is a wreck and desperately needs some deep cleaning.  Same for the bathroom.  Unfortunately, I have no time.

The Barry Drake convo last night was AMAZING!  He did great and the students just ate it up!  Zach and I went to dinner with Barry, his wife and an old friend of theirs after.  They're such sweet people!

Countdown to Christmas:  44 days!

I've switched to the second skien for Rob's scarf.  It's going to be long enough and totally wicked.

I went home this weekend and spent lots of time with my family.  The dogs and cats are doing well, the siblings are busy with school (and more focused than I remember them being capable of).  Melanie is excited about Belmont.

Formal is in three days.  I have a royal blue dress and the most beautiful red nail polish.  It's going to be a beautiful night.

Countdown til Twilight: 9 days. 15 hours.

I started listening to Christmas music yesterday.  The wreath is on our door, the Christmas towels are out.  My list was sent to the family, it's all coming together!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Weather: 63 and rainy, fading to cloudy this afternoon.

I knit last night, almost through the first skien on Rob's scarf.  It's beautiful!  Can't wait to get started on that second half, it's going to be perfect.
I have one class and one exam today.  It'll all be over soon.

Countdown to Christmas: 48 days

I leant Twilight to my Little yesterday.  I made her a "soundtrack" and everything!
Speaking of which, the real soundtrack for the movie is out and on iTunes!  I illegally downloaded Bellla's Lullaby.  I couldn't resist.  And now I'm in love.  It's not exactly what I'd been thinking, it's better.  I tend to dislike Bella.  She doesn't do things the way I do, and I struggle to grasp the way that she follows her heart and emotions because I tend to do everything  logically.  This song has a lot more cheer and sweetness in it than my negative paradigm allowed for.  It's certainly better than I imagined, so I'm feeling very hopeful about the movie.

Countdown to Twilight:  13 days. 15 hours. 25 minutes.

We are 7 days from Formal and it's shaping up to be the Night of the Semester!  There's an after party and we're going to the movies to see Quantum of Solace.  It'll be a long night, but we can all sleep when we're dead.

I made my Christmas list.  #1: A subscription to Vogue Knitting! :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It only gets harder?!

Today's Weather: 76 and Sunny!

Happy Election Day!!!
I can't remember the last time I knit.  It's heartbreaking.
But I do remember how many things I have to do today!!!  My Gov't professor said yesterday that life does not get easier, it only gets harder, "sorry to bust your bubbles!"  I now have no reason to live. ;)  Thanks, Dr. May!
So what, in heavens name, have I been doing besides knitting?
Dr. Byrne, why do you torture me so?!?!?!  The second Celebration of Knowledge (aka Exam of Death) was yesterday...  I don't know how I did....  I have a Map Quiz tomorrow and an exam Friday, a paper due Thursday, a large amount of reading due tomorrow.  Now I'm feeling bad about wasting time here when I should be pouring my soul onto my textbooks.
This past weekend was Halloween, I went as a bumble-bee.
This is me with my friend, Andrew.  (Nothing more than a friend, don't get all excited or anything).  I bought that little dress at the beginning of the year and just added black and antenna and wings.  Viola!  Costume!
Phi Mu has taken up most of my past couple of weeks.  Last week was Boo Bash and this week we have the Phi Tau Social and the Alumni Social, separate nights.  Not to mention the 3-hour meeting we had this past Sunday.  Elections are over, I did not accept any positions, though I was given some very encouraging words from some sisters I do not know very well.

I've had the odd experience this month of people who I don't know knowing me. Basically, twice I was chatting with a friend...
Friend: "I met someone who knows you yesterday!  Do you know [insert name I've never heard here]?"
Me: *blank stare* "No, I'm afraid I don't recognize that name!  But I'm really bad with remembering names and faces..." *sheepish*
Friend: "Well, they're in [names some obscure department I've only seen once]"
Me: "Oh, okay, then I probably have met them!" [or not]

Either I have a very memorable face, people talk about me a lot, or someone else has my name.  These experiences, coupled with the girls in my sorority I hardly know treating me like we're old friends, has made me feel loved and confused.  I think it must be the weather text getting around.

This weekend I get to go home for a friend's bridal shower.  I will spend the majority of my time at home working on a music video project due Monday.  Next week will be beyond crazy.  I have a speaker coming Monday night, pickup another speaker at the airport Tuesday night, put on her show Wednesday morning, then Winter Formal on Friday.  Wish me luck!