Friday, November 28, 2008

I saw Twilight again today.  It was better the second time.
I went with my mother, who has not read the books but LOVED the movie. Yay, Mom!!!  She couldn't get over how beautiful the stars were.  It sort of blew her away.
On a less-happy note, we went to a yarn store here in Cumming, GA, only to discover that said store has closed down.  It was a sad moment in the knitting world...
My cousin Blair brought his girlfriend to our thanksgiving festivities.  She knits!  In fact, Blair gave her a skein of blue/purple Merino and she decided to knit a beanie with it.  She is using my needles and a pattern from one of my books. :)  I taught her long-tail cast-on and I'm so proud of her!
The reflection for the day:
Why are some boys so confusing?  Most guys are transparent.  They cannot really hide what they want.  But I do not believe that guys and girls can easily be friends.  The relationship usually moves into something more or back into something less.  I am currently in-limbo with a guy friend.  I want more, but I don't know what he wants.  It is unhelpful that we have friends very closely involved in everything.  Sometimes I wonder if there's any friendship at all, or if it's just the two of them pushing the two of us.  Regardless, I wish we could DTR, but I need to take things slow...  "Patience, young padawan," I say to myself as people in the grocery line stare at the strange star-wars-quoting-girl, "It will all be revealed in time."

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