Friday, November 7, 2008

Weather: 63 and rainy, fading to cloudy this afternoon.

I knit last night, almost through the first skien on Rob's scarf.  It's beautiful!  Can't wait to get started on that second half, it's going to be perfect.
I have one class and one exam today.  It'll all be over soon.

Countdown to Christmas: 48 days

I leant Twilight to my Little yesterday.  I made her a "soundtrack" and everything!
Speaking of which, the real soundtrack for the movie is out and on iTunes!  I illegally downloaded Bellla's Lullaby.  I couldn't resist.  And now I'm in love.  It's not exactly what I'd been thinking, it's better.  I tend to dislike Bella.  She doesn't do things the way I do, and I struggle to grasp the way that she follows her heart and emotions because I tend to do everything  logically.  This song has a lot more cheer and sweetness in it than my negative paradigm allowed for.  It's certainly better than I imagined, so I'm feeling very hopeful about the movie.

Countdown to Twilight:  13 days. 15 hours. 25 minutes.

We are 7 days from Formal and it's shaping up to be the Night of the Semester!  There's an after party and we're going to the movies to see Quantum of Solace.  It'll be a long night, but we can all sleep when we're dead.

I made my Christmas list.  #1: A subscription to Vogue Knitting! :)

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