Sunday, November 23, 2008

That is what insued when I looked in my knitting box and didn't find my little Kit. My Kit is the small, plastic bag with tapestry needles, blocking pins, scissors, etc.
So, I told myself to remain calm and checked my backpack. No luck. The Bond Bag (an llbean tote I got for Christmas with the name "bond" printed on it). The Phi Mu tote. The purses. Drawers. Refridgerator.
Then I called my sister and made the poor woman search my room at home while on the phone with me. I sounded something like this,
"Look in my khaki messenger bag. Check every pocket."
"It's not here."
"Did you check all the pockets?"
"Well, I'm trying but there are a lot of them!"
"CHECK EVERY ONE! Then look under the bed! And on my dresser!"
Poor Melanie.... She never found it.
So, at 8:30 Thursday night, I made an emergency run to Michaels. I bought scissors and tapestry needles. No need to replace blocking pins or stitch markers, yet. I still haven't cracked open the printer and checked inside the air conditioning unit. That will likely happen tomorrow.

Did I mention that I'm sitting in a huge suite in the Opry Land Hotel? I've decided to hang out with rich friends this semester.
In school, you have a "family" at school as well as at home. My family this year consists of my girlfriend Kate - a tall blonde with an addicting laugh and the ability to charm anyone. Her boyfriend Chris - who thinks he's the center of the universe, but it's funny so it's okay. His roommate, Jeff - who wants to be a country music star and shows cattle at fancy rodeos for fun. Both of these boys come from money and very regularly buy food and drive us places (did I mention Jeff drives a very nice BMW?). We spend a lot of time together and I'm truly growing to love these people. I hope that we stay friends for a long time, but you know college... It's always shuffling things around!
Anyway, back to the Opry Land thing. Jeff's parents came into Nashville to join him for a cow show in Louisville on Thursday (they drove from Nashville then back). They decided, Friday night, to rent a suite in the Opry Land Hotel and stay the weekend. This suite is bigger than the boys' apartment. Kate, Chris and I joined them for dinner and to see the Rockettes Saturday night, then the four of us sat in the hotel and chatted until late, then fell asleep on Jeff's couch. Now it's Sunday morning and I'm thoroughly embarrassed to have spent the night in my jeans and pretty t-shirt but I'm doing my best to go with the flow these days. I mean, it's not a bad thing to be in a huge room with a flat-screen tv and my closest friends, is it?
I'm starving, though.
Everyone else is still asleep.
Perhaps I'll go in search of food or room service....

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