Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I finished Robert's scarf!  I need to sew in ends and wash it, but then it will be gift-worthy.  I got the guys to give me their opinions.  They consider it very cool.  I am satisfied.

A friend picked up Vogue Knitting for me last night!  I LOVE it!!!  I think I'm going to order stainless steel yarn just to try it thanks to an article about a shop in New York that sells yarn of unique and weird materials.

I also bought Knitting Little Luxuries.  It's a beautiful book with very feminine knits that feature unique additions, such as using buttons as accents and adding flowers and ribbons.  This is the kind of knitting that truly appeals to me.  Girly, lacy, embroidery.

Now that I've cast off Rob's scarf, I'm going to try and finish up a few projects that have been OTN for a long while... such as the wrap made with the handspun I bought this summer.  And the cabled fingerless mittens I cast on two months ago.  And that blanket made of my scrap yarn.
All of these things and more must be conquered over Thanksgiving Break, which is, THANK GOD, one week from today!

On the other hand, Twilight comes out tomorrow night.
I. Am. So. Excited.  (that's me trying to be contained)
What cracks me up is that two guys I know are reading through the series and loving it!  They're both coming with me to the theater tomorrow night.  I honestly believe this movie will do the book justice.  Their relationship is so intense, it's the only thing I'm not sure you can communicate.  However, I remember reading Stephenie's website when she first visited the set and she said a girl was so wrapped up in the acting in front of her, she slid out of her chair.  I can't wait to see Bella acted out on-screen.  She's such a plain-jane character.  She loves fiercely and she lives her life, making decisions and following through.  She's easy-going, not picky or extravagant.  I don't understand her, because I don't think that way, but I feel like there's so much of her that every girl identifies with.  What I'd like to hear is what guys like about the books.

And look at that, I went and wasted a couple paragraphs talking about Twilight again!  I'm going to grow out of this, I swear.

36 days until Christmas!

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