Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Weather today: 54 and cloudy/rainy.

Our room is a wreck and desperately needs some deep cleaning.  Same for the bathroom.  Unfortunately, I have no time.

The Barry Drake convo last night was AMAZING!  He did great and the students just ate it up!  Zach and I went to dinner with Barry, his wife and an old friend of theirs after.  They're such sweet people!

Countdown to Christmas:  44 days!

I've switched to the second skien for Rob's scarf.  It's going to be long enough and totally wicked.

I went home this weekend and spent lots of time with my family.  The dogs and cats are doing well, the siblings are busy with school (and more focused than I remember them being capable of).  Melanie is excited about Belmont.

Formal is in three days.  I have a royal blue dress and the most beautiful red nail polish.  It's going to be a beautiful night.

Countdown til Twilight: 9 days. 15 hours.

I started listening to Christmas music yesterday.  The wreath is on our door, the Christmas towels are out.  My list was sent to the family, it's all coming together!

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