Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It only gets harder?!

Today's Weather: 76 and Sunny!

Happy Election Day!!!
I can't remember the last time I knit.  It's heartbreaking.
But I do remember how many things I have to do today!!!  My Gov't professor said yesterday that life does not get easier, it only gets harder, "sorry to bust your bubbles!"  I now have no reason to live. ;)  Thanks, Dr. May!
So what, in heavens name, have I been doing besides knitting?
Dr. Byrne, why do you torture me so?!?!?!  The second Celebration of Knowledge (aka Exam of Death) was yesterday...  I don't know how I did....  I have a Map Quiz tomorrow and an exam Friday, a paper due Thursday, a large amount of reading due tomorrow.  Now I'm feeling bad about wasting time here when I should be pouring my soul onto my textbooks.
This past weekend was Halloween, I went as a bumble-bee.
This is me with my friend, Andrew.  (Nothing more than a friend, don't get all excited or anything).  I bought that little dress at the beginning of the year and just added black and antenna and wings.  Viola!  Costume!
Phi Mu has taken up most of my past couple of weeks.  Last week was Boo Bash and this week we have the Phi Tau Social and the Alumni Social, separate nights.  Not to mention the 3-hour meeting we had this past Sunday.  Elections are over, I did not accept any positions, though I was given some very encouraging words from some sisters I do not know very well.

I've had the odd experience this month of people who I don't know knowing me. Basically, twice I was chatting with a friend...
Friend: "I met someone who knows you yesterday!  Do you know [insert name I've never heard here]?"
Me: *blank stare* "No, I'm afraid I don't recognize that name!  But I'm really bad with remembering names and faces..." *sheepish*
Friend: "Well, they're in [names some obscure department I've only seen once]"
Me: "Oh, okay, then I probably have met them!" [or not]

Either I have a very memorable face, people talk about me a lot, or someone else has my name.  These experiences, coupled with the girls in my sorority I hardly know treating me like we're old friends, has made me feel loved and confused.  I think it must be the weather text getting around.

This weekend I get to go home for a friend's bridal shower.  I will spend the majority of my time at home working on a music video project due Monday.  Next week will be beyond crazy.  I have a speaker coming Monday night, pickup another speaker at the airport Tuesday night, put on her show Wednesday morning, then Winter Formal on Friday.  Wish me luck!

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