Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Currently in Nashville: Chilly, sunny, beautiful.
In Atlanta: I wouldn't know, because I'm not there yet because SOMEBODY is LATE!
That's all the ranting I will be doing on my family's lateness... They're coming to pick me up sometime in the next hour... I hope...

I went yarn shopping yesterday, but when you have only $15 to spend, it's hard to buy real yarn.  I picked up a merino blend that is a combination of coffee/toffee/chocolate colors.  It's truly GORGEOUS!  I knit all during the Predator's game, got half a mitten done, and then tore it all out because it was too big.
Why, do you ask, was I at the Predators game?
Because my friend bought season tickets with her now-ex-boyfriend and she found out yesterday that he was bringing his weird friends and she didn't want to be by herself.  So her new boyfriend bought a ticket to the game.  Turns out Preds tickets only come in twos, so I got to go!  Preds lost.  But it was fun nonetheless.  The older guy next to me was hitting on me and teasing me about my knitting the WHOLE time.  Actually, now that I think about it, I got hit on in the concessions line and in the line coming in.  Guess I was looking good last night! hahaha
So, I've re-started the mitten.  I just finished casting on an eyelet lace edging in pink and will switch to the chocolate later.  I'm hoping this will be Kate's christmas present.

VICTORY is MINE!  My Mother has asked me to teach her to knit over Thanksgiving!!!  Her first lesson will be today.  I'm trying to remember an easy cast-on method, cause all I seem to use these days is cable and long-tail, both of which would overwhelm her.  Regardless, by the end of the weekend, she will hopefully be armed with a washcloth or potholder!

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