Monday, August 23, 2010

Devotional: Start of Something New

Weekly, I write devotionals for my sorority. I'll post them here, as well, in hopes that they will encourage you in your walk with God!

It's the start of something new and you know what that means! Time to look back on the old and review its lessons!

I'm talking about the school year, of course. Here is a list of things I've learned over the past year. You'll likely be hearing more about these as I write devotionals this semester. Hopefully this list will spark some reflection of your own.

1. I've learned the importance of quiet time with God. As difficult as it is to do, making time for myself to read quietly, pray, and rest pays off. God rewards us in big ways when we seek Him fully. Seeking Him often means making quiet times to pray and listen to His voice. Jesus frequently separated himself from the crowds and disciples in order to spend time with God alone. So should we.

2. I've learned the importance of proactivity. In both my Christian walk and school work, getting it done now is always the best choice. Procrastination is simply not worth it when compared to the reward of being done.

3. I've learned the importance of prayer. Never before have I made a conscious effort to pray regularly. It's amazing how regular prayer increases your ability to hear God, love others and changes your attitude for the better. Regular prayer has actually resulted in less temper tantrums, less stress, and less frustration for me. It's amazing! Why didn't I realize this before?!

4. I've learned the importance of community. As Christians, we simply cannot do it alone. Christianity is not a religion we can practice by ourselves. We need others to challenge us, instruct us, inspire us and encourage us. God speaks to us through others and His Kingdom is a place full of people. It is with people that we grow and improve. It is alone that we get off track and become deceived. I must go to church. I must engage in worship and prayer with others. I must speak with other Christians. I must pursue that community, or my relationship with God stops flowing properly.

5. I've learned the importance of reading the Bible. When I started reading the Bible, I thought that it was a risky venture. Surely I'll come across some verse that makes me doubt God's love or that I won't understand. Instead, I've found that God's word teaches us who He is - inside and out. It gives me confidence, reveals more of Him to me, and is actually interesting reading. There are some pretty intense stories in there! With about 20 minutes a day - split between morning and evening readings - I'll finish the Bible on December 31st, and start again the next day. I haven't regretted a day, yet.

6. Most of all, I've learned the importance of putting God first. He has given us promise after promise to bless us, reward us, love us, provide for us... All with one stipulation: we have to put Him first. First in our time. First in our finances. First in our friendships. First in everything. Daily, I have to submit myself to Him. I have to make a choice each morning to follow God and His will for my life. Sometimes, that means I bite my tongue again and again to hold back sarcastic comments, and ask for forgiveness when they slip out. Sometimes, it means I walk through my day feeling like He is at my side, dancing with me. It's a daily choice. In surrender, there is freedom.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Homemade Bread

I confess! There has been a great lack of fresh photography on this blog lately... I give my deepest apologies and assure you that it will change just as soon as my camera batteries are charged.

In the meantime, I'd like to discuss something with you.

Homemade bread.

Few things smell or taste as good as homemade bread.

This week, I found our bread machine tucked away in the laundry room in Bowling Green. Naturally, I pulled it out and conducted a search for the accompanying recipe book.

We searched high and low.

Thankfully, it was low (under a bench in the back hallway) and we didn't have to move into sideways searching (complicated).

A few grocery purchases later, I was prepared with whole wheat flour, brown sugar, water, butter, salt and bread machine yeast. You add the ingredients to the bread machine in the order listed in the recipe book, pick the right "bread number" for what you're cooking, then press start. Four hours and twenty minutes later, you have a loaf of fresh bread.

We bought the machine from a friend who no longer wanted it. She sold it to us for $25, which is a steal for the simplicity and amount of bread the thing produces.

The wonderful part about a bread machine is its simplicity. There is none of that complicated business of kneading, covering, rising, kneading again, covering again, rising again, etc. The bread machine does all of it for you. Perhaps this is cheating. Perhaps it does not taste as good as bread done by hand might. Perhaps. But when I read recipes for real bread, I get winded. Just the idea of all that work for one loaf of carbohydrates... Wears me out.

For now, I'll just enjoy the fantastic, delicious, wonderful Raisin-Walnut Whole Wheat bread I just pulled out of the machine... It's warm and tastes fantastic with butter.

(Pretend there's a picture of delicious toasted bread with butter here).

Now, who wants to come over and eat some?

Monday, August 16, 2010

What's for Dinner?

I'm making these for dinner:

Whoops! Wrong picture!

Can you pull your eyes away from Phelps' abs long enough to see the redheaded official in the background?

That's my cousin.

This is how he spent his summer a couple years ago. He worked as Cord Control Dude for the main cameraman in the Water Cube.

Pretty cool, huh?

I thought so, too. That's why this picture is still on my desktop.

THIS is what is for dinner:

Potato Bundles, photo courtesy of

These are the changes I made to her recipe:

I diced and sprinkled the leftover green onion we had in the fridge, instead of using white onion like she does.
I skipped the extra seasonings and sprinkled a little of Mel's Seasoning Salt, which has a bit of spicy, a bit of flavor, a bit of everything. It's delicious.
I used Half'n'Half instead of heavy cream. We don't have heavy cream around here. Isn't it sad?
I used two sweet potatoes and two russets, divided up between five bundles. The potatoes I had were too large, so splitting them up made sense.

They'll be served with shredded cheese, extra butter, sour cream and other typical potato toppings. We don't eat baked potatoes very often, so I'm sure this will be a treat.

As an added bonus, I accidentally set the oven to 425 instead of 375... WHOOPS! We're about to find out if this worked....

NOTE: The potatoes were delicious! They were fantastic! Wonderful! A hit!

Go forth and cook.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Jade is the New Black

I shopped for this color all summer and finally found it! Well, that's not entirely true. Actually, I found this nail color at the beginning of the summer. Every time we went to the Cosmetic Market (and that's a frequent event for the ladies in my family), I would pick it up and look at it.

I would carry it around the store.

I would hold it up to my fingers, to my face, and stare at it for extended periods of time.

Then I would put it back on the shelf and leave.

Well, yesterday, after a bit of encouragement from Mom, I bought it. Her encouragement sounded something like this, "You better buy that nail polish. You talk about it all the time, so buy it!"

Here it is:

Jade is the New Black

That's not my hand. It's a Hand Model's hand. This hand makes me want to get a manicure.

I want a shirt this color. And earrings, and shoes, and eyeshadow. I love this color that much.

I'm going to paint my toes and fingers now. Have a happy Sunday!

Friday, August 13, 2010

My Social Networking Rules

People can get themselves into a lot of trouble with social media. I don't mean trouble like giving out your social security number or address and being robbed (though that is certainly a concern). I'm talking about social trouble. Examples include:
a) getting into a light argument in comments that quickly becomes a feud
b) insulting another person in view of all of your friends and family
c) complaining about your life so often that it darkens your reputation and the way you are perceived.
All of these do nothing for yourself and do nothing to show others who God is (if you're a Christian seeking to live for Him).

These are the guidelines I've laid out for myself. I consider facebook, twitter, social media to be a place where I can pour goodness and positivity into the lives of others. These "rules" help me accomplish that goal. Since I intend my social media to be a ministry (that is, a place where I encourage, lift, and hopefully impact others in a positive way), I've written down the things that I believe directly oppose that purpose. If you'd like to know the guidelines I use for positive social media experiences, here they are! All of these are a direct result of my mission statement (kindness always, respect, hospitality, service, encouragement, always kindness).

1. Avoid writing a negative status and if you must, make it funny. In the broad scheme of things, most of your online "friends" are probably more like "aquaintances" and they do not want or need to hear about your bad day or your pet peeves. Most of the facebook and twitter community does not care about your bad day. Sure, your close friends and family might be sympathetic - and if you make the status funny, you'll get a laugh out of others - but the majority of users will just glance over this update and think something like "well, sucks for her" or "oh, I hope the person he wrote this about doesn't see this update!" The purpose behind a status is to a) tell the world what you're up to or what is on your mind and b) entertain your readers, lift their spirits, and endear you to them. Negative-toned statuses do not accomplish either of these purposes. If you post negative statuses often enough, you'll make people think you need medical help. Not good.

2. Avoid posting your strong opinions and convictions about controversial subjects online. This tends to make enemies. Ranting and raving about political figures or topics will only alienate some readers, anger others and fire up the rest. Some will express their agreement with your position, but others will write a long response about how wrong you are. Perhaps this is the response you want, and that's fine, but for many people, facebook is not the place to discuss political or religious controversies. Once again, your posts should entertain your readers, lift their spirits and endear you to them. Generally, your daily posts will give others enough information about you to guess which direction you lean on the political scale. No need to broadcast it daily (unless you love political discussion and consider your political views a big part of your career, examples include people who study poli-sci or are running for office). Please note that I'm not saying you must be politically correct or that you shouldn't let people know your political standing. Most people like to know where you stand, but social media is no place to start arguments about politics or controversial stuff. I follow this guideline because I do not feel confident in my ability to argue my political opinions and I tend to avoid conflict.

3. Never, under any circumstances, post negatively about someone else. Even if you think you are being discrete about who wronged you, most of your regular facebook readers will be able to guess. When I see someone do this, it makes me want to avoid them at all costs. What if they were to get mad at me and post all over the social media world what a jerk I am? This is the quickest way to alienate people and lose trust with your friends. Here is another problem: posting about your conflicts with another person draws your readers into that conflict. If they know both of you, they will be pressured to pick sides. It gets even worse if you "make up" with the person - now those people who picked sides think both of you are crazy and will distance themselves from you both. Again, this is the quickest way to paint yourself as petty, immature and untrustworthy. Don't ever do this. If you must "warn" people about another, do it in person. If you insult another person on facebook, it's much more likely to taint your reputation than theirs.

4. Avoid commenting or posting on the walls of people you do not regularly interact with. It's just awkward. Obviously, since you're friends with the person, you know them well enough to comment occasionally. Frequently commenting on the statuses, wall posts, pictures of someone you rarely see, however, will probably make you look like a creeper/stalker type. Use your own discretion here. Also, never comment on someone's photos unless you're friends with the person. We all know you can see albums of people you don't even know, but they don't need to know you're stalking them.

That's about it! I didn't write these to tell you what to do. I wrote them for you in case you'd like to know how I govern my online presence. Basically, it all comes down to the following:

Social media should entertain your readers, lift their spirits and endear you to them. That's what it's all about. That's what being a Christian is all about - healing hearts, drawing people to God, showing others who God is through your actions and choices. Being kind and loving. That's all for now!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mini Wheats, Oven Guy, and the Pantry

1. It's August 11th, a beautiful day here in Nashville. And by "beautiful," I mean it's sunny. And when I say "August 11th," I mean it's hot.

2. I have been to five stores today and one restaurant. Three of the stores were in the mall, so it doesn't really count.

3. I was actually awake at 6:50 yesterday morning. This morning, I woke up at 7:30. I'm working my way up, people! Tomorrow I'll shoot for 7AM.

4. My last day working at Bruster's was Sunday, but I got someone to cover for me because I needed to be home with the family when Popo was put down. I sort of miss the ice cream shop already. While here in Nashville, however, I've already wracked up a full card at Sweet Cece's! I talked Mom, Dad and Robert into going to two-punch Tuesdays at Sweet Cece's last night. It was delicious!

5. I actually ate Frosted Mini Wheats yesterday. I was desperate. There was no food in this condo. If you know me at all, you know that I eat cereal only if it's the only thing left in the house. Cereal tends to leave me hungry. I can eat a giant bowl of cereal and be starving an hour later. Not to mention, the milk with dry crunchy stuff in a bowl doesn't appeal to me much... That is all.

6. Don't worry, we made it to the grocery today. The kitchen is stocked up and ready for business! Except for the fact that the oven still hasn't been fixed...

7. The oven guy is coming tomorrow.

8. Thank God the oven guy is coming. We really need an oven. I don't know what to do without it.

9. We bought almost 9 apples today on accident. Boogie went and got apples, but I didn't know, so I got more apples later. By the time we discovered the double order of apples, we were checking out. So, we bought them and I'm planning on making an apple tart.

10. I'll need the oven to be fixed to make the apple tart.

11. Just wanted you to really grasp the desperation behind this broken oven deal. The apples will go bad unless that oven guy hurries up and gets here!!!

12. I gave the women working at Victoria's Secret the run-around today. I think I tried on 8 or 9 items, was in and out of the dressing room three times and had the ladies calling other stores in search of things for me... I ended up going with choice #1. I felt guilty, but satisfied that I had exhausted all other options and made the best choice.

13. I completely emptied the pantry and re-arranged it today. It is now organized, shiny, new. All the cans are on the same shelf. The baking ingredients are lined up and compartmentalized. The chips are placed on top of the extra cans of coke. It's lovely.

14. Off I go to eat dinner before church! No, I'm not having Frosted Mini Wheats. Ha, very funny.

Rough Weekend

It was a rough weekend (yes, I know it's Wednesday and the weekend was days ago). After a long family discussion Friday evening, prayer individually and as a group, followed by more discussion Saturday morning, we decided it was time to put our Golden Retriever down. He was struggling to breathe and hadn't slept in days. A tumor was growing under his face and making him very uncomfortable, though we do not believe he was in any pain.

Needless to say, Sunday was a long day. Our vet is a good friend and an active member at our church. He came to the house and was a very kind, respectful participant in the funeral and burial. We were all crying and crying. This is the first family dog we've had to put down.

I'm grateful that we were all able to say goodbye. I'm grateful that we had a few days to prepare ourselves. We did not rush into it and it didn't happen suddenly. God walked through every step with us - from the timing of the illness to His peace which was present throughout. When you are walking with God, fully submitted to Him and committed to His purposes in your life, you notice Him in events like this one.
We see how He timed it. Popo was put down about a week before school starts, giving us all something new to focus on while dealing with the grief.
We see how He controlled it - Popo was not in pain, only uncomfortable and exhausted.
We see how He provides you with the right people - our vet is a patient friend who came to our house unhesitatingly, we did not have to take Popo to a hospital room.
We see how He influenced it - we all felt peaceful about the decision. There was unity in our family and in our hearts, and we were sad but not disturbed. His peace flooded each of us.

Perhaps some of you would say these things are lucky or coincidental, but I choose to believe that it's my loving God, making a difficult thing into a smooth transition. Healing our hearts before the wound was even inflicted.

I will praise Him forever.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kitchen Confession is Good for the Soul

Confession is good for the soul, and is encouraged in the Christian faith. I felt like making a list of my kitchen disasters so far. Perhaps you have ones that are worse than mine (then again, probably not).

I think that I have accidents in the kitchen because the Devil is trying to keep me out of the kitchen but I'll show him! I'll show you all! Mwahaha!

1. I set my cast iron skillet on fire at school this year. I left it on the still-hot stove with oil in it. I'd read that you should keep your skillet oiled to keep it seasoned... But I suppose I misinterpreted that one...

2. I've ruined several pans of cupcakes so far. I cooked one set for 40 minutes... Recipe said to cook for 20-25. Boogie gracefully ate one to prove to me that they were not totally ruined... They were, though, so we threw them out. I over-stirred one batch. The batter was so smooth it was like milk by the time I finished whipping it around. They came out sticky and sunk in the middle, like mini-craters. I ate one, but That Cool Guy spit his out.

3. You probably remember the time I turned the oven on broil and closed the door. The glass inside shattered. Yeah, that was fun...

4. This week, I was steaming some dumplings and ran out of water under the steamer. I didn't notice until the burning smell from the bottom of the pot got to my parents.

5. We were in a hurry once and I invited two of my friends at school up to my apartment for grilled cheese sandwiches. It was quicker than going to a restaurant, and cheaper! Well, I promptly burned one of their sandwiches. We didn't have time to make another. She ate the burned one without complaint, but I sure felt like a dork.

6. I frequently skip steps in the recipe without meaning to. Example: when I made those baked apples, I did not pour water into the bottom of the cooking pan until about 15 minutes into their time in the oven... Thankfully, I corrected the mistake and they still turned out. I also accidentally leave ingredients out.

7. Substitution is a big challenge for me. I substitute regularly. The thing is, I stay pretty aware of all the groceries I buy and I make a serious effort to use everything up. If a recipe asks me to buy X and I think I could just use Y because it's already in the house, I'll do it. It doesn't always turn out.

I suppose that's enough for now. Don't be surprised if I come back and add to this list later. Mayhem in the kitchen will likely be a regular event this year, as Boogie and I share the condo in Nashvegas.

Now I must skip off to make some homemade waffle mix before Momma gets up and uses the box recipe... Hehehe

Thursday, August 5, 2010

I got a haircut.

Good evening,

I got a haircut.

Just thought I'd let you know.


Summer's Ending? Quick! Do something fun!

Happy Thursday! I now have less than 3 weeks to get ready for school. Add to that the fact that we will likely be in Nashville for a week very soon, and I have about 1 more week to get ready for school. It's so distracting, I found myself making three lists (all school-related) during church last night. Eventually I found the willpower to put them down and listen to the message. Here's a list about my week:

1. We cooked and cooked on Tuesday night. We made Baked Apples Stuffed with Wild Rice and Quinoa. The recipe came from Vegetarian Times and was delicious! Even the carnivores went back for seconds. That's sayin' somethin'. In case you're not familiar with Quinoa, it's a grain-like seed used in many vegetarian dishes. The recipe was sort of labor-intensive. The Wild Rice needed to be cooked for nearly 50 minutes, then the Quinoa was added and the mixture had to cook for 20 more minutes. This is all to make the stuffing that goes on top of the apple halves and can be done a few days in advance to make it go faster night-of. It was fantastic (did I mention cream cheese was involved?) and was a great example of a vegetarian main course meant to be embellished with vegetarian side dishes.

2. We make Pioneer Woman's Mac & Cheese. Click the words for a link to that recipe. Let me tell ya - it took about 20 minutes to get it into the oven, and it came out delicious! I have a feeling that, once learned, this recipe could be the kind you whip up again and again. The best part is that you can easily change and add ingredients to fit your tastes or shake things up. We followed her recipe pretty strictly (since it was our first time cooking it). However, I'm looking forward to making it with Mozzarella, tomatoes and basil. And again with broccoli and a mix of cheeses. It's a fantastic alternative to the Kraft box. Just sayin'.

3. If you haven't been to Pioneer Woman's website, you need to go there now. Read, learn, laugh, and make food. Go forth and be fruitful!

4. Due to Dad's generous offer to add me to his Amazon Prime membership, I now consistently receive packages in the mail. Amazon Prime is a paid membership that has certain benefits - namely, free second-day shipping - that make the thing very appealing. It costs extra, but Prime memberships can include a whole family. Many everyday items we use are cheaper on Amazon because if it arrives the second day without shipping charges, it's been cheaper for me to buy many things on Amazon instead of in person.

5. It's great! Yesterday I received enough fish tank filters to keep the tank running for almost a year. Isn't that great?

6. Popo is still struggling. Conversations around here are grim. We all agree that we don't want him to suffer. We also don't want to pay $700 for a test that will only tell us that he's going to die, anyway. None of us, however, are ready to let him go. He does not appear to be in pain, but he doesn't move around much. It's heartbreaking.

7. I keep telling myself that I will wake up bright and early at 7AM tomorrow. This will, in my theory, help me ease into the early school mornings that are fast approaching. I keep sabotaging my own plan by staying up until 1 or 2, reading and praying and reading.

8. Dad and The Cool Dude (I know my nicknames for my brother change all the time. It's an indication of just how cool and complicated he is in real life) told us all about their 10-day Boy Scout Trip. They went up and down the New England coast, visiting many historic landmarks. Dad brought us a souvenir from almost every stop they made. Most were pencils that we'll be able to use all year. I also received a Snowflake cookie cutter, two charms for my bracelet, and a bookmark. I've already used many of them, but the Snowflake cookie cutter will have to wait until fall. Unless we get some sort of freak snow in August. Wouldn't that be awesome?

9. Today, I'm going to make these: goldfish dumplings! Mine will be made with regular dumpling dough bought at the store, however, so they won't have the fun colors pictured on the blog. I have lots of leftover stir-fry ingredients from the cooking we've done this week. Basically, you stir-fry your mixture and put it in the dumplings, then steam them.

10. Speaking of steaming, I bought a silicone steamer yesterday at the mall. It was exactly the steamer I examined time and again at the Viking Store, but never bought. Well, I'm a vegetarian now and we steam stuff! That's my final answer.

11. Boogie had a dream I got married last night. She said that his hair was about the same color as mine. Beyond that, she didn't remember much.

12. The Master of Cool (again, referring to my brother) is going to take his driver's test today. Your prayers would be appreciated. We really, really need him to have this license!

13. I fed the fish peas this morning. It always takes them a while to figure out that the food has sunk to the bottom of the tank and isn't floating on top. Their bubble eyes give them pretty weak eyesight. It's pitiful and hysterical at the same time.

14. Oh, did I mention that I've already started my Christmas list? So far:
  • A Viking Cutting Board
  • Chef's Knife
That's all so far....

Have a great Thursday!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Praying, Peace, and Love

I went to work yesterday evening then went out to eat after closing. This means I came home very late... Around 12:30.

Expecting a quiet house, I found my Mom and sister both still up and rather upset. Popo, our 11 year-old Golden Retriever, has a mass under his face that is obstructing his breathing and right eye. He was struggling to breath through his nose, looked exhausted but seemed unable to sleep.

We knew that there was nothing we could do about it so late. We're in touch with the vet and he told us that Popo needs a CT or MRI scan, which no vet in Bowling Green can provide. So, we prayed, turned on a CD with scriptures about healing, and went to bed. I was still praying when I fell asleep.

Popo seemed much better this morning. At 8AM, he was sound asleep in his kennel, breathing heavily. He has not moved around much today, but we know he's not in pain and he seems peaceful. He is a little disoriented because he can only see out of one eye.

Today was the first day the vet used the dreaded word... Cancer. He said it's either cancer or fungus. The CT or MRI will show us what is going on. We needed to find a vet with the equipment to do the scan. He (our vet here in Bowling Green) said he would make some calls. We made some calls of our own to fellow pet-owners in Nashville, looking for an animal hospital with the right tools. We prayed.

In a matter of two phone calls, Mom found a vet in Nashville that can do a CT scan for Popo and... (this part will blow your mind).... They're located on 12th Avenue South. Our condo in the Gulch is on 12th Avenue South. My brother's college preparatory tutorial is on 12th Avenue South. My Dad's Nashville office is on 12th Avenue South. My favorite burger place is on 12th Avenue South. In other words, this place couldn't be in a better location.

The bad news was that this scan could cost an estimated $700. That's just the scan. If he has to have surgery, recovery, etc., the costs will increase. Mom and Dad are talking about how far they are willing to go and how much they are willing to invest in him. It's grim but necessary.

I have felt surprisingly peaceful throughout this ordeal. Some people do not believe animals go to heaven, but I think they do. I think that our dearest pets will be there for us - waiting just inside the front door of the mansions Jesus prepared for us, tails wagging and big smiles. While I want Popo to remain here with us, I also know that my life is full of love and peace. I remain hopeful. God loves and provides for the smallest animal, how much more will He love and provide for those animals that have loved us, His children? If Popo's time is drawing near, my prayer is that God give him comfort and peace, that he would not suffer. He is a God of miracles, however, and we will continue to pray and minister to our puppy. God has already provided for Popo - the needed equipment is just down the street from our condo. He is on our side and ready to love us to the end - even by loving our pets.

Tonight, Popo is already asleep. I hope he has sweet dreams of chasing tennis balls and carrying his favorite stuffed animal.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

A Sunday List

A Sunday Morning List

1. I bought Silk Soymilk French Vanilla creamer this weekend to put in my coffee. Now every cup of coffee tastes like a vanilla latte. It's wonderful!

2. I like to take joy in the small things. Actually, I like to be joyful and happy always. I have a very low tolerance for negativity.

3. School starts in 25 days. I've already gotten a good cry in over this and I'm now working on an attitude adjustment. School isn't about me - my needs, my wants, my happiness. It is about others - my friends, my peers, my professors. How can I minister to them? How can I give to them? How can I bring them joy, peace, happiness, love?

4. I think one of the reasons I haven't met my future husband, yet, is that he can't afford the ring I deserve. He needs more time to save, so God is giving him that time. It's just a theory.

5. We had this with our breakfast (click "this" to visit the link). Hey, it has blueberries and an egg in it somewhere. It counts.

6. It's Sunday and we're back in Bowling Green, about to go to our wonderful church - Bowling Green First Assembly - but because I haven't quite left Nashville, yet, I also watched my pastor in Nashville online this morning while I was getting ready. If you're looking for a powerful, God-centered church in Nashville, Oasis Worship Center is the place to be!

7. These were on the front porch when we got home on Friday. They're making the idea of school a tad more bearable. They are boots from Sperry Topsiders. I can't wait to wear them with my skinny jeans or a skirt, ruffly top and big earrings.

8. My To Do Before School list is freaking me out. I need a haircut, I need to pack, I need to figure out the best moving procedure for the fish, I need to clean the car, I need to read a book...

9. That reminds me! I have to feed the goldfish and get in the car. Have a wonderful Sunday!