Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kitchen Confession is Good for the Soul

Confession is good for the soul, and is encouraged in the Christian faith. I felt like making a list of my kitchen disasters so far. Perhaps you have ones that are worse than mine (then again, probably not).

I think that I have accidents in the kitchen because the Devil is trying to keep me out of the kitchen but I'll show him! I'll show you all! Mwahaha!

1. I set my cast iron skillet on fire at school this year. I left it on the still-hot stove with oil in it. I'd read that you should keep your skillet oiled to keep it seasoned... But I suppose I misinterpreted that one...

2. I've ruined several pans of cupcakes so far. I cooked one set for 40 minutes... Recipe said to cook for 20-25. Boogie gracefully ate one to prove to me that they were not totally ruined... They were, though, so we threw them out. I over-stirred one batch. The batter was so smooth it was like milk by the time I finished whipping it around. They came out sticky and sunk in the middle, like mini-craters. I ate one, but That Cool Guy spit his out.

3. You probably remember the time I turned the oven on broil and closed the door. The glass inside shattered. Yeah, that was fun...

4. This week, I was steaming some dumplings and ran out of water under the steamer. I didn't notice until the burning smell from the bottom of the pot got to my parents.

5. We were in a hurry once and I invited two of my friends at school up to my apartment for grilled cheese sandwiches. It was quicker than going to a restaurant, and cheaper! Well, I promptly burned one of their sandwiches. We didn't have time to make another. She ate the burned one without complaint, but I sure felt like a dork.

6. I frequently skip steps in the recipe without meaning to. Example: when I made those baked apples, I did not pour water into the bottom of the cooking pan until about 15 minutes into their time in the oven... Thankfully, I corrected the mistake and they still turned out. I also accidentally leave ingredients out.

7. Substitution is a big challenge for me. I substitute regularly. The thing is, I stay pretty aware of all the groceries I buy and I make a serious effort to use everything up. If a recipe asks me to buy X and I think I could just use Y because it's already in the house, I'll do it. It doesn't always turn out.

I suppose that's enough for now. Don't be surprised if I come back and add to this list later. Mayhem in the kitchen will likely be a regular event this year, as Boogie and I share the condo in Nashvegas.

Now I must skip off to make some homemade waffle mix before Momma gets up and uses the box recipe... Hehehe

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