Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mini Wheats, Oven Guy, and the Pantry

1. It's August 11th, a beautiful day here in Nashville. And by "beautiful," I mean it's sunny. And when I say "August 11th," I mean it's hot.

2. I have been to five stores today and one restaurant. Three of the stores were in the mall, so it doesn't really count.

3. I was actually awake at 6:50 yesterday morning. This morning, I woke up at 7:30. I'm working my way up, people! Tomorrow I'll shoot for 7AM.

4. My last day working at Bruster's was Sunday, but I got someone to cover for me because I needed to be home with the family when Popo was put down. I sort of miss the ice cream shop already. While here in Nashville, however, I've already wracked up a full card at Sweet Cece's! I talked Mom, Dad and Robert into going to two-punch Tuesdays at Sweet Cece's last night. It was delicious!

5. I actually ate Frosted Mini Wheats yesterday. I was desperate. There was no food in this condo. If you know me at all, you know that I eat cereal only if it's the only thing left in the house. Cereal tends to leave me hungry. I can eat a giant bowl of cereal and be starving an hour later. Not to mention, the milk with dry crunchy stuff in a bowl doesn't appeal to me much... That is all.

6. Don't worry, we made it to the grocery today. The kitchen is stocked up and ready for business! Except for the fact that the oven still hasn't been fixed...

7. The oven guy is coming tomorrow.

8. Thank God the oven guy is coming. We really need an oven. I don't know what to do without it.

9. We bought almost 9 apples today on accident. Boogie went and got apples, but I didn't know, so I got more apples later. By the time we discovered the double order of apples, we were checking out. So, we bought them and I'm planning on making an apple tart.

10. I'll need the oven to be fixed to make the apple tart.

11. Just wanted you to really grasp the desperation behind this broken oven deal. The apples will go bad unless that oven guy hurries up and gets here!!!

12. I gave the women working at Victoria's Secret the run-around today. I think I tried on 8 or 9 items, was in and out of the dressing room three times and had the ladies calling other stores in search of things for me... I ended up going with choice #1. I felt guilty, but satisfied that I had exhausted all other options and made the best choice.

13. I completely emptied the pantry and re-arranged it today. It is now organized, shiny, new. All the cans are on the same shelf. The baking ingredients are lined up and compartmentalized. The chips are placed on top of the extra cans of coke. It's lovely.

14. Off I go to eat dinner before church! No, I'm not having Frosted Mini Wheats. Ha, very funny.

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