Monday, August 16, 2010

What's for Dinner?

I'm making these for dinner:

Whoops! Wrong picture!

Can you pull your eyes away from Phelps' abs long enough to see the redheaded official in the background?

That's my cousin.

This is how he spent his summer a couple years ago. He worked as Cord Control Dude for the main cameraman in the Water Cube.

Pretty cool, huh?

I thought so, too. That's why this picture is still on my desktop.

THIS is what is for dinner:

Potato Bundles, photo courtesy of

These are the changes I made to her recipe:

I diced and sprinkled the leftover green onion we had in the fridge, instead of using white onion like she does.
I skipped the extra seasonings and sprinkled a little of Mel's Seasoning Salt, which has a bit of spicy, a bit of flavor, a bit of everything. It's delicious.
I used Half'n'Half instead of heavy cream. We don't have heavy cream around here. Isn't it sad?
I used two sweet potatoes and two russets, divided up between five bundles. The potatoes I had were too large, so splitting them up made sense.

They'll be served with shredded cheese, extra butter, sour cream and other typical potato toppings. We don't eat baked potatoes very often, so I'm sure this will be a treat.

As an added bonus, I accidentally set the oven to 425 instead of 375... WHOOPS! We're about to find out if this worked....

NOTE: The potatoes were delicious! They were fantastic! Wonderful! A hit!

Go forth and cook.

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