Tuesday, August 19, 2008

About those knitting projects...

I'm feeling much better about things today.  Due to troubles with my car, I won't be moving in until Thursday - which means Mom will be helping me!  I've also talked to several friends on the phone and they all have plans to get together and catch up, which sounds nice.  And I miss Cafe Coco...
I forgot to update on the project I mentioned a while ago.  That birthday gift for my friend?  It turned out wonderfully!  The bright colors are exactly what she loves and I went ahead and gave it to her because she had a present for me from her latest Europe trip.  Sweetheart. :D
I have since then finished knitting a sweater.  I still have to sew everything together (I did get one arm on there! haha)  And I'll have to knit the frontbands and sew on the buttons.
Here's what the sweater will look like, only it's a "marsh green" ultra alpaca.

We went to Enchanted last Friday and I think I'm in love!  The shop is beautiful!  I bought some handspun wool/merino blend made right here in Kentucky.  It's a very natural off-white color (I'm pretty sure it wasn't died.)  I'm making this wrap with it:  

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