Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fall Break

First, got my hair cut today, and had it straightened.  If ONLY I could have it this way every day!  But it takes so long and is such a bother, I just can't do it every day.
Yesterday the Fam and I went to Kentucky Down Under.  We fed lots of birds and pet kangeroos and, my personal favorite, got to see all kinds of sheep!  They had nine rams, all different breeds, including a gigantic Merino.  His wool was oily and gross on the outside, but if you pulled it apart, underneath it was clean and soft.
Naturally, I just had to have some Merino for myself.
And here it is!  For Robert's Christmas present (don't tell him.)
I love it.  It's got a lot of very masculine colors in it and will make a wonderful cabled scarf.  It's also very very soft, and I'm sure we all know mens' tendency to avoid itchy things.  Also, Robert has a very particular sense of style and appearance, so he's sensitive about what he'll wear.  Therefore, I have to author a scarf that involves cable and is preppy but in no way feminine.  I'll stop before I make myself nervous.
Back to school tomorrow.  And I haven't done hardly a stitch of homework.  *sigh*

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Peggy said...

My Sara can totally identify with the hair thing. I on the other hand WISH I had those curls!!! Can't wait to see the yarn in person.