Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Looking Forward to a Break...

Weather today: 72 and sunny! Long sleeves (I just took off my jacket for the pic).

Countdown to Fall Break....  Two days.

Amount of homework this week:  Hellish.

Disappointment of the day: Maura possibly not coming to pancake night.  I needed some bestie time.  *sigh*

Looking forward to: Pancake Night!

Having survived (barely?) the Celebration of Knowledge (aka, Exam of Death), I picked up a handout on my way out of Dr. Byrne's class Monday morning.  On the handout: our assignments for this week.  40 pgs. reading due the next day.  100 pages of reading and a 3-page paper due Thursday.  In Microeconomics, Dr. Vilikova reminded us to be working on the assignment due Saturday called Commanding Heights.  Sounded easy enough.  "Watch three videos, answer 5 questions."  Not half so simple.  Each video is 2 hours long and the five questions are supposed to be answered with 2-page essays.  Needless to say, I haven't slept much.  I am, however, knitting while I watch these videos on Microeconomics.  I truly love economics.  It's so logical!

I finished the garter and the red scarf.  Now I've cast on for the fun of it!  I have to start Christmas gifts soon, but a few inches into these fingerless mittens and I just don't feel like they'd do for my sister, so I'll keep them for me.  I want to give Melanie some mittens with mohair lace on them.  Robert will be getting a hardcore hat, hopefully made of unique hand-died.  We'll see.  Mom?  Well, she's incredibly hard to shop for.  She always has everything she needs! And she's forever complaining about what clothes make her feel all hot and she's changing clothes a lot.  I wanted to get her a tea pot, but she pretty much only drinks iced tea and coffee...  Arg!  Daddy's pretty easy.  He loves to shop, so I get him gift cards.  Usually.

Fun thing I did this week:  make a legit list of requirements for my future husband!  Lots of women have these lists.  I had one started, but Sunday my roomie and a friend and I were doing homework at Cafe Coco for nearly 3 hours and we got bored.  So I pulled up my Long-Term To Do Lists folder on the comp and found my incomplete list.  I won't post it here, but we'll be walking some other girls through this fun and hilarious process tonight at Pancake Night!

So, off I go to get on that 100 pages of reading and writing those dangblasted papers.

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Peggy said...

What is up with these Profs? Don't they know you have a life outside of their domain? Sheesh!!!!! Mitts looking good.