Friday, February 5, 2010

Habit 1, Anyone?

The past few days have been wonderful. My family arrived Wednesday and last night we ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory together. They have been very understanding of the switch to vegetarianism. Despite lots of fun events, I have been struggling with my positive attitude a bit this week. I feel tired and busy. I can easily name people who are much busier than I am, but comparing myself to the accomplishments of others will only make me feel like a failure. I seem to be in that difficult space where the number of things to do looms over my head and keeps me up at night, but I still insist on procrastinating. I think that this is a knee-jerk response to feeling out of control. Give me too much to do and make me feel like I have no choice and you're sure to make me feel down! This is the perfect place to insert a Habit 1 reflection.
Being proactive, I will now apply the proper proactive language to the scheduling events that seem to be getting me down.
The truth is, I chose to take an internship this semester. I chose to rush Phi Mu and participate in events. I chose to be on Sisterhood Development Committee and I chose to spend time with my family on Wednesday instead of read or do Ethics Bowl homework. I chose to participate in the Ethics Bowl. I chose to procrastinate in buying my Mom's birthday present until Tuesday afternoon.
Therefore, I am in control, after all. I cannot - and should not - waste time feeling low. I have a wonderful life!

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