Tuesday, February 16, 2010


I am exhausted, but slowly recovering. This weekend, besides being Valentine's Day and including all of the celebrations of love, was a stressful one. I have begun to come to terms with the homework load and have actually made progress (mostly due to a new approach to my classes this semester). Melanie and I went home Friday and spent the evening watching the Olympic Opening Ceremony as a family. We had a wonderful time sitting in front of our big screen and discussing the science behind such a fantastic production. Saturday was homework day, but Saturday evening was Life by Chocolate - a chocolate buffet and comedy show organized by our church. It featured a huge buffet table covered in in mostly-homemade chocolate desserts! We stuffed ourselves. Sunday featured two wonderful services on marriage (Pastor Danny online, Pastor Tom in person) and a wonderful lunch at home. We exchanged some gifts and Melanie and I came back to Nashville. We saw Valentine's Day, the movie, that evening. It was cute and happy and fun!

On the Menu this week:
Sweet potato with bell peppers and mushrooms
Fruit pizza
Bagels with cream cheese and fruit
Pasta with spinach and mozzarella

It's going to be yummy!

On the schedule:
Setting up meetings with various homeschool leaders for a class project.
Watch the Olympics as much as possible.
Finish Ethics Bowl cases and begin to memorize.

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