Sunday, July 18, 2010

This Dirty Room... Beware: Graphic Content!

I'm going to show you something that few eyes have ever beheld. Something embarrassing and wrong. Something disgusting and obscene. Something crazy.

Just, do me a favor... Don't share these with too many other people. I don't want my reputation totally ruined. See, this is my room. I've never been a very tidy person, but I'm usually pretty organized and neat. I'm usually not this filthy. But it's gotten so bad this summer, I've actually found it pretty hilarious. Yesterday, I decided to clean up the whole mess. Here are the "before" pictures.

Prepare yourself as best you can.
Grab a cookie and glass of milk.
Wrap yourself up in a blanket.
Hug a pillow.
Whatever you typically do when scary things happen.

The Clothes Pile. Yes, it is dirty clothes AND clean, all mixed together. Horrid, isn't it?

The closet. I haven't been able to close the doors for weeks. The box is stuff to donate. Note the recipe books and notebook on the floor. Also, my beloved Sperry's.

This is where I sleep. The books don't ever move off the bed. I just sleep next to them. Creepy, isn't it?

Finally, the bookshelf. Not as bad as it looks, and yes, those index cards are more recipes. I don't know where Eclipse is at this moment.

Time for some "after" pictures:

There. Isn't that better?! Nothing like a clean room to help you sleep peacefully at night!

Now, you may go on with your life, knowing that, as bad as your messy room may be, you are not the worst and certainly not alone.


brittadams said...
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brittadams said...

Actually you have done quite the opposite!!! I now question my own cleanliness and if it should allow me to sleep peacfully??!!? You are hilarious and I enjoy your blog. I miss you, runnin buddy. I get my Vibram's for my birthday in a month... we better be getting together before then. Love you. :)