Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Current Location:  Home for the Holidays in Bowling Green, KY.

Temperature Outside: Cold and humid = miserable

Past week: Finished exams and did horridly on all of them, am petrified to see results. Avoiding Belmont-related web pages because of it.  Spent a night at Opryland (I know... again?!) Ate out twice a day or more every day this week, shopped a lot but none of it was Christmas shopping. Received pair of very high heels, beautiful brown and gold and khaki heels.  Did not knit enough and am trying to knit behind mother's back (hard to do because she tends to flitter around a lot and pops up all over the place).

Quote for week:  "I'm going to marry you. Let's get married tomorrow." - my friend, a bit intoxicated, to me, who is always sober.

Mood:  Peaceful, missing people, but I know such feelings will pass and two days from now I won't be able to picture life differently.

Tonight: Youth Group is coming over for annual Christmas party.  Mom is worried cause Daddy is still out of town, but I'm here to help.  Little sister's two best friends are staying over, so we'll all be up late.

Knitting:  Have finished first two charts of Waves of Grain, am now repeating two rows until desired half-way length, then shall do it all over again.  In other words, SLOW!  Not good, considering what is left to be done in the next.... 7 days.  That's right. 7 days. *panic*

To do: Buy Silk Garden for Daddy's scarf!  I was going to knit him some socks but this scarf will be faster, easier, and more useful for him.  Problem is, I haven't bought the yarn, yet... Let alone started!

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