Sunday, December 7, 2008

A good plan, violently executed.

Patton once said, "A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week."

I am at home in Bowling Green for at least another couple hours.  The past few days were sort of mind-blowing.
First I found out - through a email list that I just signed up for - that a local yarn store is closing.  Sad, but no big deal, there are three others...
Except, this was the very store that I wanted to start going to every week next semester and eventually buy/take over when I graduated.  It's in an excellent part of town and has been around for 14 years.  They have a rep with yarn wholesellers and the local yarn arts community.  In the email is a little note saying the shop is "still currently available... should one (or some) of you decide that is a viable (albeit last minute) option."
I switched to an entrepreneurship major because I want to own my own business.
The business I want to own is a yarn store.
Well, it's not that simple, of course.  Owning a business is no joke and I'm 19 years old.  I've been in conversation with the women who currently own the store and they're asking $100,000.  Daddy, a little help, please?
You only live once.  It would be cheaper to obtain a yarn store that already has a reputation with locals and wholesellers and a great location than opening one from scratch two and a half years from now.
But am I ready to move out?  I mean, I'd quit school and get an apartment.  Who knows when I'd next have a vacation?  I wouldn't be home for the summer or new years, probably would only come home for a day for Christmas...  That scares me to death and makes me feel ill, but I love people and I love knitting...
I also don't have a lot of knitting experience under my belt.  I mean, I've been at the needles for less than 5 years and haven't so much as felted an item, tried fair isle, or knit more than one cardigan.  Not too encouraging when it comes to teaching and answering questions when people come in with problems.
I can't know for sure that the women who own it now would be willing to stick around and help me out.  I'm sure they'd love to teach me a few things, but I can't take over all of their classes and such, not without breaking my back learning the techniques myself first.
I'll pick up their financial statements of the last 4-5 years tomorrow.  We'll see what it looks like and go from there.
Dive in head first, right?

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