Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Weather: 44 and sunny.
Location: Home, kitchen, listening to others playing with their gifts (mostly noisy things like a keyboard and speakers)
Mood:  Ecstatic!

Christmas day dawned bright, but the black curtains in my room left me in blissful darkness until my alarm woke me promptly at 9.  Believe it or not, I hit snooze three times.  I suppose Christmas becomes calmer over time.  Gone are the days I would jump out of bed enthusiastically.  Now I look forward to giving gifts as much as receiving them.
A hand-knit scarf was my gift to both parents and my little brother.  I bought jewelry for my sister, who is a knitter herself and understands why the effort put into the others prevented her from being given a hand-made.  Robert (brother) literally gasped when he opened the box and saw his scarf.  He loved the colors and cable and how soft it is.  My Mom was very touched at the Waves of Grain scarf I made for her.  She's seen me laboring over it for a week, knitting every spare moment, inch slowly following inch.  I fumbled the grafting in the middle and one of the ends, but it's all so small, you can't really tell.  She loved it.  I surprised Daddy with a Noro Silk Garden and a plain gray/black wool stripe scarf.  The Noro is a series of bright, masculine colors (greens, red, brown, blues, even white).  It is simple and smooth enough to match even his most formal coat and shirt and ties.

I feel loved.  Nearly everything on my list was given to me, and a few surprises, too!  More than that, I've spent so many hours with my family and I get homesick just thinking about the return to school.

There's so much to look forward to.  Merry Christmas!

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