Friday, June 18, 2010

A Day in the Life... Wearing Vibrams

It's been a busy day. I slept in some, and since I went for two barefoot runs yesterday, I skipped the workout this morning. Waking up hungry has always been a habit of mine, and boy was I ever starved when I rolled out of bed today! Breakfast was a plum, two slices of toasted Ezekeil Cinnamon Raisin bread, slices of strawberry... And, after a few minutes, the second half of Boogie's bagel with cream cheese (I couldn't resist... I just love bagels with cream cheese!).

I put on my new shoes (if one can even call the Vibram Five Fingers shoes) and off we went!

1. Dropped off my little brother at a friend's house where he will spend the day preparing for a "stage night" with his friends and their families. This is the sort of thing homeschoolers do, and it is so beautiful. There is nothing quite as special as families celebrating their children together, admiring their talent and visiting. I'm looking forward to tonight's event!

2. We went to the mall to look at flatware, since Mom is still in search of supplemental spoons to use here in the condo. From Macy's we moved on to Davis Kidd Booksellers, where Boogie and I looked at books for too little time. I could easily have spent another hour or two browsing the vegan and vegetarian cookbooks. I have only one small vegetarian cookbook with few useful recipes. I have since found that there are loads of vegetarian recipes out there that my traditional, Southern-raised family has never encountered. I found a few books I thought were interesting, and none of them were baking-related! Quite an accomplishment for a girl who tends to make bee-lines for the cookie recipes and brownie books. Alas, nothing was purchased, though ideas were gathered.

3. We stopped by Starbucks to pick up a hostess gift for the Father's Day Lunch we're going to tomorrow, then hurried to Whole Foods for lunch. I grabbed vegan chocolate chips while I was in the store, looking forward to another baking adventure later this week.

4. Went to Kroger. By this time, Mom and I were exhausted. I was starting to feel my feet a bit more, the muscles were beginning to tire. Three hours in the Vibrams was about all I could handle today, I suppose. We flew through Kroger, stopped by the Cheesecake Factory to pick up a cake for tomorrow's luncheon, and came home to put together a broccoli salad.

5. No one pointed and laughed at my funny shoes!

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