Friday, June 11, 2010

Summary of 2.5 Months in 7 Points

So, obviously I haven't been here in a while. A lot has happened since the March 8th post! I am hopelessly addicted to lists and will now put the events between March 8th and today - June 11 - in list format. Enjoy!

1. The boy and I dated for 2(ish) months. I broke up with him for a variety of reasons, most of which had to do with personality differences that were driving me crazy and religious differences that became deal-breakers. I have since resigned myself to the fact that no one but a person whose religious beliefs are exactly like mine will do. This is not unreasonable - God can do anything. I have also decided that an introvert simply will not do, either. I like the idea of someone quiet and calm but in the end, it drives me bonkers and I feel that he is not generous. Regardless of my efforts to change my paradigm on this subject, I still feel like shy people are rude people. I give freely of my thoughts as a contribution to others - to make them feel included, desired and a part of something. People who refuse to contribute are, in my humble opinion, withholding good things from others. The language I'm using is overly harsh, but the moral of the story is this: my personality and pet peeves will drive an introvert crazy should he think to date me, and I'll spare both himself and myself the pain and try to date extroverts. The reasons I haven't been attracted to extroverts so far are for another post.

2. Boogie (nickname for little sister) is now blissfully in love with a really great guy. I feel like he's a part of our family already and we are all very excited to have him!

3. The school year ended and I have moved home to Bowling Green, KY. The end of the year was both very hectic and tainted by the aforementioned breakup. My grandparents came into Nashville for my 21st birthday and the seven of us lived at the condo for a day or two. It was a tight squeeze and it makes me wonder how the world my Aunt, Uncle and two cousins will live there for four days in July. Two bedrooms, two baths, one living space, no doors, nine people. That will be CRAZY!

4. Maverick (my adorable Black Moor goldfish, whom I love more than just about anything but not more than my cat, Scout) is now in a 5-gallon tank on a bookshelf in our living room. He is about has happy as he tends to be, which isn't as much as you'd think. Over all, he tends to be a moody little dear. I will be adding a second fish to his tank this weekend. I hope to find a Telescope Eye goldfish and name him Iceman. More on that later!

5. Oh, I've also taken up running! Barefoot. Dad discovered it and bought a few books. I picked up and read Barefoot Running by Michael Sandler, and now I'm hooked. It will take a long time for me to build up any speed or distance. My last run was a series of 60-second runs and 90-second walks for a total of 13 minutes before the skin on my feet protested enough to send me home. As my skin toughens, my distance will increase. It will be slow going, but it is so much fun to feel the ground beneath your feet!

6. My next goal will be to find a way to incorporate time with God into my runs. I figure the runs should serve a dual purpose. Otherwise, I'm likely to give up on them in favor of something else that feels more productive.

7. The family is slowly adjusting to the fact that I am a vegetarian and that it's not likely to change anytime soon. For the next three days, I'll be 100% vegan and dessert-less. (Fasting with my church, praying about some big things). I went for a barefoot run with a friend of mine here in Bowling Green last weekend and she's very open to the vegetarian thing. I might make a convert out of her without even trying! My decision to become a vegetarian is purely based on my body and how it feels. Barefoot Running requires us to get more in touch with our body and become aware of how it works/what it tells us. My decision to listen to my body in January led me to give up meat. If you feel good while eating meat (though I believe that in order to really test it out, you'd have to go meatless for at least 3 weeks), then more power to you!

That's enough for now. Hope that you have a lovely day!

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