Sunday, June 13, 2010

Little Scratch, Big Pain

So, that little scratch on the bottom of my right foot became a blister that bugged me all day. I treated it, taped it, and it's less painful today (though still not 100%). I'm re-applying aloe frequently.

Yesterday I bought the components of my self-made barefoot running kit. A few things I picked up from around the house, the rest I got at the grocery. The kit (aka shoebox on my bookshelf) contains:
  • Aloe gel
  • Baby wipes (to use after runs and during runs before I put on my shoes)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Cotton Balls
  • Bug Spray (unscented)
  • Sterile Gauze
  • Masking Tape
  • Epsom Salt

Basically, it's a first aid kit for my feet. The baby wipes will be very useful for running on trails or in the park. I can give my feet a quick wipe-down before I get in the car or put on my shoes. The Epsom salt is my favorite. It cleans my feet and helps heal wounds without moisturizing and ruining my pads. It is also good for muscles and bruises. Bug spray is a necessity, of course. I've already used some sterile gauze that we had in the cabinet to clean and cover blisters, taping it down to make it sort of like a bandage. I'm steering clear of band aids for now because they are more expensive and I would be tempted to leave them on for longer periods of time. The feet need to breathe!

I also went shopping yesterday....

Hello, Vibrams!!! I really wanted the light pink ones, but they just did not have them in a Women's 40 anywhere in the whole world. Black, however, will match just about everything I wear and will look like normal shoes at first glance (or so I hope). If I'm lucky, they'll arrive before we head to Nashville next week.

I tried to go vegan this weekend. Lasted almost 24 hours. I started to feel ill - not from the changed diet, but from the long hours and lack of sleep I've had lately. It's hard enough to be the only vegetarian in a very carnivorous Southern home. To be a vegan in such an environment? VERY difficult. It will have to wait until I'm at school in the fall. When I'm doing all my own grocery shopping and cooking, the lifestyle is a lot easier to maintain. I do not think I could ever become truly vegan. I love dessert too much. Real desserts, with sugar, milk, eggs... Ice cream... I also do not want to supplement my diet with too much soy. However, simply eating more fruit, vegetables and nuts can be nothing but good for me!

It's time to finish getting ready for church and get some breakfast. Coffee mug could use some topping-off, too. Happy Sunday!

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