Saturday, June 12, 2010

Hot Day = Sweaty Run

It is a HOT day! The high is 91. When I left the house at 8:15, it was already 83 and humid. I went for a run - barefoot, carrying tennis shoes and socks - in my neighborhood. Chose a longer route this time, determined to run lighter and longer. I did increase my time, arriving back at the house at 17.45 minutes. I discovered a few things.

1. I've been bouncing up and down a whole lot. When I actually concentrate on keeping my head and shoulders level and moving just my feet, my energy immediately increases. The vertical distance is taking a LOT of energy to maintain.

2. My calves aren't sore. Even though I ran more and walked less this round, my calves feel fine. The first run nearly put my legs out of commission for a few days, my calves were SO tight. I also added some speed this time, practicing some sprints. In a few minutes, it'll be time for a thorough stretch.

3. My blisters are feeling better, though I think one of them has started to return. Another is finally peeling off. There is a tender spot on the left side of my right foot, just under the big toe on the outside edge of the ball of my foot. It looks and feels like the upper layers of skin have been scraped off. It's not bleeding, but it stings terribly. I've washed my feet and put a load of Aloe on the scrape, then taped a sterile gauze to it. I'll have to do some research to find out if my form is suffering here, or if it's just a callus issue.

4. I felt it more in my quads this time. I think this is because I was trying not to bounce up and down. Perhaps I am over-striding... Not that I mind giving my quads a workout!

5. People stare at you when you run barefoot. There's a neighborhood yard sale today, so all the country folk were out and "shopping" already. I tried hard not to be shy, but ended up walking past a lot of the big groups, anyway, just because it attracts less attention. Especially carrying shoes, barefoot runners are not a common sight. One lady biked past me and actually gasped when she realized I was carrying my shoes and not wearing them. I just smiled and kept going! Heck, a month ago, I might have done the same!

That's all for now! In other news, I bought another goldfish yesterday! His name is Goose and he is a telescope eye goldfish. I'll get some pictures up soon. Maverick and Goose seem very happy together. I knew Maverick needed a friend, and I've spotted them playing a few times! It's very cute.

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